Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

51% Of Iowa Law Students Receive Full (Or Greater) Tuition Scholarships

Friday's release of the 2017 law school section 509 reports will add to the growing data on tuition discounting trends:

One of the new 509 reports that jumped out at me is Iowa's:  more than 50% of its student body receive either full (36%) or more than full (15%) tuition scholarships:


These scholarships have allowed Iowa to maintain a 161 median LSAT and 3.62 median UGPA during this period (the range is 160-162 and 3.59-3.64) while most law schools have seen these medians fall due to the 40% decline in law school applicants.  This has helped Iowa increase its U.S. News ranking the past two years to 20, from 22, 27, 26, 29, and 27 the previous five years.

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