Paul L. Caron

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Oxford Sued Over Grades By Student Who Didn't Get Into Yale Law School

OxfordyaleBloomberg, Oxford Sued Over Grades by Student Who Didn't Get Into Yale:

Lawyers for an Oxford graduate who is suing the university over his “disappointing” exam grades nearly two decades ago told a London court Tuesday that he missed out on going to law school in the U.S. because of his results.

Faiz Siddiqui, who received a 2:1 degree, the second-highest grade available, says in a submission to the court that he received poor teaching for one of his papers.

“While a 2:1 degree from Oxford might rightly seem like a tremendous achievement to most, it fell significantly short of Mr. Siddiqui’s expectations and was, to him, a huge disappointment,” his lawyers said in court filings.

His lower-than-expected grades -- 17 years ago -- exacerbated his depression and this left him “unable to achieve the professional career he had hoped for,” including missing out on the chance to study at an Ivy League university after Oxford, his papers say. ...

After graduating from Oxford Siddiqui trained at the U.K. “magic circle” law firm Clifford Chance but wasn’t kept on at the end of his training, according to his court filings. He worked for three other law firms and then as a tax adviser at the accounting firm EY, but was dismissed in December 2011 “essentially for poor performance.” He has been unemployed since.

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