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Thursday, November 9, 2017

NTA 110th Annual Conference On Taxation

National Tax Association (2016)The three-day National Tax Association 110th Annual Conference on Taxation kicks off today in Philadelphia.  Today's highlights include:

Session #5:  Redistribution

Session Organizer: David Kamin (NYU)
Session Chair & Discussant: Jeremy Bearer-Friend (NYU)

Session #14:  Tax Expenditures

Session Organizer:  David Kamin (NYU)
Session Chair & Discussant:  Steven Dean (Brooklyn)

Session #32:  Administration and Cooperation

Session Organizer:  David Kamin (NYU)
Session Chair:  Ariel Stevenson (NYU)

Other Tax Prof presentations today include:

Update:  Last night's Tax Prof dinner in Philadelphia:

NTA Dinner

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