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Saturday, November 11, 2017

NTA 110th Annual Conference On Taxation

National Tax Association (2016)The three-day National Tax Association 110th Annual Conference on Taxation concludes today in Philadelphia.  Today's highlights include:

Session #70: Capital Gains and Wealth Taxation

Session Organizer:  David Kamin (NYU)
Session Chair:  Jon Bakija (Williams College)

Tim Dowd (Joint Committee on Taxation), Robert McClelland (Urban Institute) & Jacob Mortenson (Joint Committee on Taxation), Do Tax Elasticities Change Over the Business Cycle? Evidence From the Sale of Capital Assets
Discussant:  Jon Bakija (Williams College)

Ari Glogower (Ohio State), Taxing Income and Wealth
Discussant:  William Gentry (Williams College)

David Kamin (NYU) & Jason Oh (UCLA), The Effects of Capital Gains Rate Uncertainty on Realization
Discussant:  Jon Bakija (Williams College)

David Miller (Proskauer Rose, New York), A Comprehensive Mark-to-Market Tax
Discussant:  William Gentry (Williams College)

Session #78:  Tax Law and Finance

Session Organizer:  David Kamin (NYU) 
Session Chair & Discussant:  Brian Galle (Georgetown)

Thomas Brennan (Harvard), Income Taxation and Stochastic Interest Rates

Andrew Hayashi (Virginia) & Quinn Curtis (Virginia), Tax Avoidance and Mergers: Evidence from Banks During the Financial Crisis

Daniel Hemel (Chicago), Gambling for Good

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