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Monday, November 13, 2017

Applications To Attend 2018 Tax Court Judicial Conference At Northwestern Are Due Nov. 17

Northwestern Tax Court
The 2018 Tax Court Judicial Conference will be held at Northwestern Law School on March 26-28, 2018 (press release; FAQ):

The purpose of the judicial conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to (1) review and discuss issues of material interest regarding the tax litigation process, (2) discuss ways in which the tax litigation process in the Court may be improved, and (3) network with fellow Tax Court practitioners. In addition to the Judges of the United States Tax Court, the Court intends to invite representatives from the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice, private practice, low-income taxpayer clinics, academia, Capitol Hill, and other courts. A variety of plenary and breakout sessions will address issues relevant to practice before the Court.

Applications to attend the conference are due by this Friday, November 17.

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