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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Washington University Is Sixth Law School To Accept GRE For Admissions

GREFollowing up on my previous posts (links below):  Washington University is the sixth law school to accept the GRE as an alternative to the LSAT,  joining (in chronological order) Arizona, Harvard, Northwestern, Georgetown, and Hawaii.  From Dean (and Tax Prof) Nancy Staudt's announcement:

“WashULaw wants to appeal to the best students in the country and the world, regardless of their academic, professional or personal background,” said Nancy Staudt, dean and the Howard & Caroline Cayne Professor of Law. “The class beginning this fall was one of the most accomplished and diverse in the history of WashULaw. The decision to accept the GRE will continue to build on these efforts, making the admissions process even more accessible to highly qualified and motivated students of all backgrounds interested in pursuing a legal education.” ...

[B]y accepting the GRE, the school will expand the pool of potentially highly qualified students by making the path to admission easier for candidates from fields that traditionally might not apply, such as engineering, math or science. Moreover, the GRE also is administered more frequently and in more locations than the LSAT, thereby

“The GRE complements the interdisciplinary approach we have adopted in preparing students for the real-world challenges they will face in a job market that values candidates with a variety of skill sets,” Staudt said.

The decision to accept the GRE was adopted after careful consideration. Washington University joins a small group of elite law schools that recently announced acceptance of the GRE, including Harvard University and Northwestern University. The announcement also comes as the American Bar Association has launched the Commission on the Future of Legal Education, formed to examine critical issues involving access to legal education and legal careers, including admission test scores, bar passage rates and job placement.

American Lawyer, Latest Law School to Accept GRE is Washington U. in St. Louis:

Hawaii was among the first three law schools to conduct a GRE study in 2015, which looked at how effective the exam was at predicting first-year law school grades as compared to the LSAT. The other initial study participants were Arizona and Wake Forest University. Law school administrators have said their campus-specific studies show the GRE does as good of a job as the LSAT in predicting law school grades, though LSAC president Kellye Testy has expressed concerns about the methodology of those studies. (The study subjects, for example, consist only of people who had already been accepted to law school based on their LSAT scores, thus the results may not be representative of the wider law school applicant pool.)

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