Paul L. Caron

Friday, September 29, 2017

Weekly SSRN Tax Article Review And Roundup

This week, David Gamage (Indiana) reviews a new draft article by Allison Christians (McGill Law), Buying in: Residence and Citizenship by Investment.

Gamage (2017)Want to buy yourself a citizenship?  According to Christians’s new draft article, doing so from Panama would cost you $5,000 USD, doing so from the United Kingdom would cost you $62,525 USD, and doing so from Singapore would cost you $1,794,000 USD.

Would this be worth the cost?  Christians discusses how some of these nations hope to attract wealthy citizens from other nations.  However, emigrating from the U.S. is harder to accomplish, at least from a tax perspective, due the U.S. practice of taxing its citizens on worldwide income.  Christians thus also discusses barriers to exit, again from a citizenship tax perspective. 

Overall, I recommend Christians’s new draft article for a fun and educational read.  The article did not change my views about any major questions of tax policy.  But I learned quite a bit about different countries’ practices when it comes to taxation and citizenship status, and this was more than worth the price of the download.

Here’s the rest of this week’s SSRN Tax Roundup:

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