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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The IRS Scandal, Day 1582: Is The IRS Scandal About To Break Wide Open?

IRS Logo 2PJ Media, Is the IRS Scandal About to Break Wide Open?:

Lost emails, destroyed hard drives, foot dragging, stonewalling, and a smirking, sneering IRS commissioner doing his best to obscure the truth -- this has largely been the response by the Internal Revenue Service to investigations by Congress and FOIA requests from conservative groups trying to discover the truth about the IRS targeting scandal.

But one federal judge appears to be just as curious as the rest of us about what exactly the IRS was up to when it targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny in approving their tax-exempt status. ...

Although the arrogance of the IRS is breathtaking, it looks like they may have more than they can handle with Judge Walton. With the agency already proving that it tried to hide documents directly related to a FOIA request, how much nonsense will Walton put up with? He better have a low tolerance for word games and shenanigans by the IRS.

More names means more witnesses to be deposed under oath. Perhaps some promises of immunity are in order so that the truth can be wrung out of an agency that has been used to target the political opponents of a president and materially affect the ability of conservative groups to exercise their rights.

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4.5 years of waiting for Justice, wars have been started for less than this, we have pigs at the trough but can buy no bacon. "Laws are for the little guy" and not for those in exalted positions it seems.

Posted by: ron norman | Sep 7, 2017 10:25:35 AM

I'm not sure the truth will ever come out. I can't believe an agency of government would do something like this without some sort of approval from the White House. It's like Hillary's server, does anyone believe a cabinet appointment would just set up their own server and break the laws of the public records act without getting some sort of approval from the White House? I'm sorry, people just don't do this stuff.

Posted by: bflat879 | Sep 7, 2017 9:28:41 AM

Sincere gratitude to all you individuals who functioned as true journalist in alerting we the Great unwashed masses of the violations of our and individual's rights.
Ms Lerner & Company prepare to don your striped uniforms.

Posted by: Christopher McNeil | Sep 7, 2017 9:01:31 AM

No surprise at all. The 16th Amendment should have never been enacted. This one act stripped all protection from the individual citizen and made all of us serfs of the Federal Government.

Posted by: Barry Soetoroe | Sep 7, 2017 6:38:41 AM