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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Tax Consequences Of Hurricane Harvey (And Other Natural Disasters)

Hurricane HarveyThe Service has put up a very useful and comprehensive webpage titled "Help for Victims of Hurricane Harvey."  The page contains excellent information about all the different actions the Service takes in response to a natural disaster and has links to all kinds of useful sites. 

The Texas State Comptroller has a similarly useful webpage that describes the state and local tax relief (such as exemption from hotel taxes).


Finally, Frank Agostino and Phillip Colasanto have also posted a good article here that not only explains the substantive and procedural tax consequences of a disaster like Harvey, but gives good general advice on what taxpayers and their advisors should do as a practical matter to prepare for the tax aftermath.

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Professor Danshera Cords has published two pieces on charitable giving and disaster relief ( and

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