Paul L. Caron

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dealing With IRS Scammers (And How To Tell They Are Not Private Debt Collectors)

Readers will recall that Congress, in §32102 of the 2015 (FAST) Act, amended IRC §6306 to force the Service to outsource some collection inventory to private collection agencies.

Now, I have no doubt that readers of this blog are totally compliant in their taxes.   And if any happen to be delinquent in their taxes, I have no doubt they are not in the category of delinquent taxpayers who face collection from private collection agencies.   But I also suspect many readers have received questions about the program from clients, friends, family members, workplace colleagues, neighbors, and others.

So here are some resources that readers may find useful.  The IRS describes how it has implemented the statutory mandate here.   The IRS has posted a great webpage titled "How To Know It's Really the IRS Calling or Knocking On Your Door" and The Taxpayer Advocate Service likewise has posted a very useful booklet on "Private Debt Collection: What You Need to Know.

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