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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tax Panel At Today's SEALS 2017 Annual Conference

SEALs Logo (2013)Tax panel at today's concluding session of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools 2017 Annual Conference in Boca Raton (program):

Tax Policy
This discussion group is broadly concerned with issues of taxation. Discussants address individual income tax, corporate income tax, state & local tax, estate & gift tax, tax expenditure policy, international tax and entitlements. While these disparate themes might seem only loosely related, a common thread of the difficulties of balancing equity, simplicity, incentives and transparency runs through all of them. These scholars will grapple with the central tax topics of the day and address the looming concerns that must be dealt with by all levels of government.

  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky) (moderator)
  • Alice Abreu (Temple)
  • Arthur Acevedo (John Marshall)
  • Neil Buchanan (George Washington)
  • Terri Lynn Helge (Texas A&M)
  • Gary Lucas (Texas A&M)
  • Shu-Yi Oei (Boston College)
  • Gregg Polsky (Georgia)
  • Diane Ring (Boston College)
  • Elaine Waterhouse Wilson (West Virginia)
  • Richard Winchester (Thomas Jefferson)

Pedagogy and Assessments in Tax Courses (Friday)
Assessing student learning in tax courses can be rather taxing. This discussion group aims to bring together professors who teach any tax course to share best practices in terms of teaching and learning. Topics include final exams and midterms, written projects, simulations, and other criteria professors use to assess student performance. Professors who have already developed “learning outcomes” consistent with ABA standards for specific tax courses will be encouraged to share them. The scope of the discussion group is intentionally broad and participants may touch upon any matter related to teaching or assessment in a law school tax course.

  • Alyssa DiRusso (Cumberland) (moderator)
  • Ted Afield (Georgia State)
  • William J. Brown (Pittsburgh)
  • Bryan Camp (Texas Tech)
  • Eric Chaffee (Toledo)
  • Cliff Fleming (BYU)
  • Ariel Glogower (Ohio State)
  • Stuart Lazar (SUNY-Buffalo)
  • Adam Thimmesch (Nebraska)

Administration, Implementation, and Enforcement of the Tax System (Saturday)
This panel examines tax systems with a special focus on administration, implementation, and enforcement. Papers included on this panel ask questions about the importance of taxpayer privacy, the protection of taxpayer information, the enforcement of laws in state tax litigation, the amendment of tax laws in future legislative sessions, and how the law of tax exempt organizations is enacted and enforced.

  • Don Leatherman (Tennessee) (moderator)
  • Diane Ring (Boston College)
  • Adam Thimmesch (Nebraska)
  • Elaine Waterhouse Wilson (West Virginia)

Inequality, (Re)Distribution of Wealth, and the Federal Tax System (Saturday)
This panel focuses on the the issue of wealth and income inequality in the United States and the methods used by the federal government to address this through the federal tax system. Papers address the income tax system, the wealth transfer tax system, and explore the possible expansion of federal policy into positive payments, such as a system of university basic income. Papers address both the theoretical and practical aspects of these issues.

  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky) (moderator)
  • Alyssa DiRusso (Cumberland)
  • Ariel Glogower (Ohio State)
  • Andrew Swain (Indiana)

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