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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Did 'Trump Bump' Cause Surge Of LSAT Test-Takers?

Following up on Thursday's post, Fall 2018 Law School Admissions Season Opens With A Bang: LSAT Test-Takers Increased 19.8% In June, The Biggest Jump In 8 Years:, Number of LSAT Test-Takers Surges. Is It a Trump Bump?:

The hoped-for law school “Trump Bump” might actually have legs.

The number of people who took the Law School Admission Test in June climbed nearly 20 percent over last year — the largest percentage increase for any individual LSAT administration since September 2009. ...

Professors and deans speculated this spring that turmoil in Washington — and more specifically President Trump’s so-called Muslim ban and the high-profile response of lawyers who flocked to airports to help those affected — would prompt more people to consider law school. The June LSAT, which is widely viewed as the first of the 2018 admissions cycle, offered the first real test of the Trump Bump theory. ...

Council President Kellye Testy said this week that Trump may well be a factor in June’s “significant” increase in LSAT takers. “I think people are starting to understand again the necessity for the rule of law,” she said. “Our current political climate has demonstrated that.”

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Yeah, just like the surge in journalism majors after Watergate. They are in for a rude awakening.

Posted by: sestamibi | Jul 17, 2017 9:04:34 AM

> “I think people are starting to understand again the necessity for the rule of law ...”

The implication being that no one understood that necessity during the Obama administration.

Posted by: Joseph | Jul 17, 2017 6:37:20 AM