Paul L. Caron

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3rd Annual Mid-Career Tax Professors Workshop Concludes Today At Arkansas

Arkansas Fayetteville LogoPanel #6

Susan Morse (Texas), Skewed Deference
Commentator:  Charlene Luke (Florida)

Jordan Barry (San Diego), Taxation and Innovation: The Sharing Economy as a Case Study
Commentator:  Shu-Yi Oei (Tulane)

Panel #7

Heather Field (UC-Hastings), Tax Lawyers as Tax Insurance
Commentator:  Mirit Eyal-Cohen (Alabama)

Sarah Lawsky (Northwestern), Automating Avoidance
Commentator:  Brian Galle (Georgetown)

Will Foster (Arkansas), The Gift of Information
Commentator:  Del Wright (Valparaiso)

2015 Conference at Ohio State (Day 1, Day 2)
2016 Conference at UC-Davis (Day 1, Day 2)


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