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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Charlotte Law School Enrollment Shrinks 62% Since Fall Semester; 2L Hit With Honor Code Violation For Criticizing Administration

Charlotte Logo (2016)Following up on my previous posts (links below):, Charlotte School Of Law Enrollment Shrinks; Student Receives Violation Over Email To Administrators:

Charlotte School of Law students are wrapping up their second week back to classes after the Department of Education yanked all federal loans to the school. The school has refused to close and that decision means students can't have their debt forgiven. WFAE's Lisa Worf joins All Things Considered host Mark Rumsey now:

RUMSEY: How many students actually returned to Charlotte School of Law?

WORF: The school's spokeswoman says enrollment is now about 268. That's about a third of what it was back in the fall before its accreditor, the American Bar Association, put the school on probation for problems including a low bar passage rate and admitting unqualified students. ...

RUMSEY: How does this sit with students?

WORF: Not well. There's a lot of grumbling. This week, Jeremy Snyder, a second year student wrote two sharply-worded emails to the school's president, dean, and the CEO of InfiLaw. That's the for-profit company that operates Charlotte School of Law. He told them he wasn't satisfied with the information and options the school was offering and said students weren't able to pay rent, schoolbooks, or even cover bare necessities like food. He called it B.S. or, rather, the unabbreviated form of that word. In response, the school issued him an honor code violation warning and said the emails were not only "unprofessional, but obscene in nature" and also called him out for his social media posts.

SNYDER: In terms of being obscene, everything they had been doing for the last month much more closely matched the definition of obscene, whereas the definition for bulls**** seemed absolutely appropriate.

WORF: He also noted the irony of the violation coming a week after a recording of an assistant dean came out who used much harsher language in talking to faculty and referring to students.

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Wow the incredible tone-defness of CSL's faculty is perplexing. Issuing "honor code violations" to students for legitimate emailed concerns at this point is unnerving. Does Chidi and company not think that he and infilaw have done sufficient damage to these students professional chances? Ohh well, this will provide the trial attorneys some nice ammunition during the damages portion of the proceedings. One can foresee Chidi and the rest of the infilaw henchmen attempting to mitigate damages by testifying during the penalty phase that their students had little earning potential post-grad anyways and most wouldn't even pass the bar. Some of what CSL did here was fraudulent, and I for one and hoping some enterprising young DOJ attorney decides to make an example out of them in criminal court (after infilaw files ch.11 following a litany lawsuits).

Posted by: Infilaw Allumni | Feb 4, 2017 7:38:20 AM

As a law prof., I find this attack on free speech outrageous but, unfortunately, not wholly surprising.

Posted by: Robert Steinbuch | Feb 4, 2017 9:03:27 AM

This is just the beginning - the beginning of the harvest of *decades* of law school corruption (cooked placement statistics to justify endlessly inflating tuitions, etc.).

And if anybody thinks this is just "for profit" law schools (as if the laughingly named "non-profit" public and private law schools aren't generating tens of millions in tuition revenue and tax-free endowments) they are continuing to delude themselves.

Posted by: cas127 | Feb 4, 2017 1:11:55 PM

This is out and out bullying, retaliation, intimidation, and messaging. If use of the word "bullshit" is "obscene," then a whole bunch of us are in deep, well, you know.

Posted by: David Yamada | Feb 4, 2017 10:10:50 PM