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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The 25 Most Influential People In Legal Education (2016)

Top 25 (2016)Most Influential People in Legal Education (2016), The National Jurist (Jan. 2017):

This year's list of the Most Influential People in Legal Education recognizes leaders who are shaping the future of law schools. ... As in years past, we sought nominations from U.S. law schools, narrowed the list to 46 names and then asked the law dean and one randomly selected faculty member from each school to rate the influence of the nominees.

Here are the Top 10. The complete Top 25 list is here.

  1. Erwin Chemerinsky (Dean, UC-Irvine)
  2. Kellye Testy (Dean, University of Washington; 2016 AALS President)
  3. Paul Caron (Professor, Pepperdine)
  4. Bill Henderson (Professor, Indiana)
  5. Brian Leiter (Professor, Chicago)
  6. Blake Morant (Dean. George Washington; 2015 AALS President)
  7. Eugene Volokh (Professor, UCLA)
  8. Marc Miller (Dean, Arizona)
  9. Michael Hunter Schwartz (Incoming Dean, McGeorge)
  10. JoAnne Epps (Provost and Former Dean, Temple)

I am delighted that four of the Most Influential People in Legal Education (2016) blog in our Law Professor Blogs Network.

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Great work! Looks like they changed the format - it would be cool to see what everyone was up to since last year.

Posted by: John Neil | Jan 17, 2017 1:22:14 PM

Congratulations on maintaining the #3 spot!

Posted by: Old Ruster from the former JDJunkyard | Jan 17, 2017 6:31:03 AM