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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Charlotte Law School Launches Food Drive For Students, Submits Teach-Out Plan To ABA; Is It Closing?

Charlotte Logo (2016)Charlotte Observer, Charlotte School of Law Starts Food Drive So Students Get Something to Eat:

Cut off from millions of dollars in federal loans because of their school’s chronic failings, students at Charlotte School of Law still don’t know how they’ll pay tuition, rent and utilities.

Now they are apparently running out of food.

In response, one of their professors announced Friday that some faculty and other law school employees have started a food drive to make sure students of the reeling school have enough to eat. Scott Sigman, director of the school’s clinical programs, sent out an email alerting students that the stockpiled food is available in the student commons.

Charlotte Business Journal, Does Charlotte Law’s Teach-Out Plan Mean its Closing?:

Charlotte School of Law’s leadership said this week it expected to submit a teach-out plan to the American Bar Association by the end of the day Friday. ABA regulations require that step if the U.S. Department of Education terminates federal financial aid. The Charlotte for-profit law school lost access to those funds effective Jan. 1. ...

[D]oes that mean Charlotte is closing? The ABA declined to offer further clarification on Friday as to whether submission of that plan means Charlotte Law will have to close its doors. ...

Charlotte Law President Chidi Ogene was adamant on Tuesday that the school intended to remain open. He called the teach out plan a “fall back” and said Charlotte Law has a moral, ethical and financial obligation to its students. “Our hope is it doesn’t come to that,” he said Tuesday.

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Let them eat cake.

Posted by: Jojo | Jan 31, 2017 5:22:54 AM