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Saturday, January 28, 2017

An Update On The Charlotte Law School Faculty Firings

Charlotte Logo (2016)David Frakt, An Update on the Charlotte Law School Faculty Firings:

In my last post, I incorrectly reported that up to two-thirds of Charlotte Law Faculty had been terminated, based on early reports from other media sources. I have now had the opportunity to gather more reliable information, and can report that just under half of the instructional faculty were terminated, in what the school has described as a “reduction in force.”

In all, it appears that 18 of 39 teaching faculty members were terminated. In addition, the Associate Dean of Library & Information Services and the Director of Academic Success were axed. Disturbingly, for a school comprised almost entirely of high risk students and with an extremely poor and declining bar passage rate, two of four academic success lecturers were terminated, and two of three bar passage lecturers were also fired. The firings were across all ranks, including two of four full professors, four of ten associate professors, and seven of sixteen assistant professors. The school also fired three full-time clinical faculty members, denying their requests for a reasonable opportunity to wind down their many active cases, placing them in a difficult ethical position.

The faculty is not only much smaller now, but is substantially less diverse, as the firings fell disproportionately on women and minority members of the faculty. ...

As disturbing as these numbers are, the way in which the firings was carried out is perhaps even more disturbing. ... Many of the faculty members are consulting with counsel and weighing their legal options. Expect multiple lawsuits by the faculty in addition to the multiple lawsuits already filed by students.

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Given that a huge part of the "reasoning" to keep CSOL open is the purported wonders of the Charlotte legal market, I am sure that these profs will be able to collect their million dollar premium posthaste and join me in all the splendors a JD bestows.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Jan 28, 2017 10:01:59 AM