Paul L. Caron

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The IRS, Day 1291:  Federal Judge—‘Strong Showing’ That IRS Discriminated Against Tea Party Groups

Twitchy, Shocking! ‘Strong Showing’ Discrimination Occurred Against Tea Party Groups:

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:


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The Obama administration's abuse of the IRS really represents a new league in the politicization of the bureaucracy. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Given that our tax system relies on voluntary compliance, the profound loss of confidence in the fairness of the IRS by at least half of the population creates an unsustainable situation.

The only way to restore confidence in the tax system is a complete overhaul of the Internal Revenue Code, and a complete replacement of the IRS bureaucracy from top to bottom. With a lifetime ban on further government employment for every single IRS employee.

Posted by: CatoRenasci | Nov 20, 2016 10:27:26 AM