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Friday, November 11, 2016

NTA 109th Annual Conference On Taxation

National Tax Association (2016)The three-day National Tax Association 109th Annual Conference on Taxation continues today in Baltimore. Today's highlights include:

Session 38: Multinational M&A and Incorporations
Session Organizer:  Tim Dowd (Joint Committee on Taxation)
Session Chair:  Jane Gravelle (Library of Congress)

Session 44:  Policy Design with Behavioral Agents
Session Organizer:  Alex Rees-Jones (Pennsylvania)
Session Chair:  Jacob Goldin (Stanford)

Session 49:  Taxation and Knowledge
Session Organizer:  John Brooks (Georgetown)
Session Chair:  Joe Bankman (Stanford)

Session 58:  Corporate Tax and Corporate Governance
Session Organizer:  John Brooks, Georgetown University Law Center
Session Chair:  Susan Morse, University of Texas School of Law

Session 63:  In Honor of Alvin C. Warren, Jr. (Harvard), Recipient of the Daniel M. Holland Medal
Session Chair:  Rosanne Altshuler (Rutgers)

  • Alan Auerbach (UC-Berkeley)
  • Michael Graetz (Columbia)
  • Louis Kaplow (Harvard)
  • Ruth Mason (Virginia)

Other Tax Prof presentations today include:

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