Paul L. Caron

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The IRS Scandal, Day 1214

IRS Logo 2Newsmax, IRS Chief Faces Likely Impeachment Vote in US House:

U.S. House conservatives are set to re-launch ... their effort to impeach Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, with or without Speaker Paul Ryan’s go-ahead.

Representative John Fleming says he and other conservatives are prepared to unilaterally force an impeachment vote within days after Congress returns to session on Sept. 6. “The only thing up in the air is whether it will be the first or second week we’re back,” the Louisiana Republican said in an interview.

Any action would be largely symbolic, because the effort would get blocked in the Senate if it passes the House. But Republicans remain angry at Koskinen, who they accuse of impeding an investigation into whether the tax agency improperly targeted conservative non-profits. Their allegations include failing to prevent the IRS from destroying evidence and providing false and misleading information to Congress.

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The only way for the government to restore the populace's trust is to hold people accountable who break the law. The USA is supposed to be a country based on the rule of law.

The Obama administration has subverted one of our principal foundations, which would be terrible but something we could recover from if our checks and balances were allowed to work. That is hard to do when the criminal controls the DOJ.

Posted by: wodun | Sep 4, 2016 2:53:47 PM