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Monday, July 18, 2016

Today Marks Two Year Anniversary Of Dan Markel's Murder

Markel 3Following up on this morning's post, Lawyer Denies Adelson Family's Involvement In Dan Markel's Murder, Fingers Florida State Law Students, PrawfsBlawg Readers As Possible Suspects: Tallahassee Democrat, Markel Murder Marks Two Years; Details Flood Second Anniversary of Markel Slaying:

On a sunny summer morning two years ago today, prominent Florida State legal scholar Dan Markel was killed in broad daylight in his garage with two gunshots to the head. ...

The motive for Markel’s murder, court documents say, “stemmed from the desperate desire” of the family of his ex-wife Wendi Adelson to allow the couple’s two young sons to move to South Florida. Documents implicate Adelson’s mother Donna Adelson and brother Charlie Adelson as co-defendants in the plot. Police say more arrests are expected. ...

Police say email evidence indicated Adelson's parents, particularly her mother Donna Adelson, wanted her daughter to “coerce” Markel into allowing the boys to move to South Florida. Rivera and Garcia were “enlisted” to kill Markel, court records say. Investigators say the two men drove from Miami in the rented Prius two days before the killing and stayed in a series of hotel rooms. The day Markel was shot, they followed him around Tallahassee as he dropped his kids off at daycare and went to the gym before following him home and shooting him, prosecutors say. ...

Monticello attorneys David and Chuck Collins have been appointed to represent Rivera, who was transported to Tallahassee at the end of June. Chuck Collins called prosecutors’ case circumstantial. “We have a homicide, obviously,” he said. “But other than cell phone records and evidence of Mr. Rivera and Garcia being in the area what other evidence do we have linking them to the homicide? “If this is all they got, I think the state has a real problem.”

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The amount of tech savvy police work done to gather evidence used to indict the men charged with his murder was truly stunning and has built a very powerful case.

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