Paul L. Caron

Monday, July 25, 2016

The IRS Scandal, Day 1173

IRS Logo 2Politico, Hillary Clinton Warns: Trump Could Use Military, IRS To Punish Critics and Opponents:

At a campaign event in Springfield, Illinois Wednesday afternoon presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton warned Donald Trump would use the military and IRS "to go after his critics and opponents." ...

"Imagine if he had not just Twitter and cable news to go after his critics and opponents, but also the IRS, or for that matter our entire military," Clinton said. "Given what we have seen and heard, do any of us think he'd be restrained?"

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Dishonest coward Publius Novus: Your postings here in defense of the corruption and lies of the IRS and the rest of the liberal fascists who call themselves "Democrats" are a good example of why "lawyer" is a synonym for "liar". Your "facts" are just malevolent partisan talking points. Your hiding behind a phony name makes it clear that you are a troll that is just as corrupt and dishonest as the rest of your party. Quite a contrast to the massive array of real facts that Dean Caron has been putting up for 1173 days (and counting).

Posted by: Andrew Russell | Jul 28, 2016 9:26:14 AM

Scott: Please do not confuse these fellas with facts.

Posted by: Publius Novus | Jul 26, 2016 9:07:31 AM

Except there is no evidence that Obama was involved, no matter how much you delude yourself.

Posted by: Scott | Jul 26, 2016 6:21:09 AM

Ya, textbook projection.

Posted by: wodun | Jul 25, 2016 3:28:28 PM mean, just like Obama?

Posted by: VoteOutIncumbents | Jul 25, 2016 10:11:01 AM