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Friday, July 15, 2016

More On The Law Prof/Law Review Editor Publication Spat

Update on Wednesday's post, Law Review Editor And Prof Spar After He Declines To Publish Article Rather Than Accept Offer From Low-Ranked Journal:  Above the Law, Fight Between Law Professor And Law Review Editor Gets Published:

Well, we just had to know what was the real story behind the article. Was it an actual conversation that happened between an editor and a law professor? Inspired by actual events? Was it just a work of satire, or meant to be a “teachable moment”? I reached out to the author, Dan Subotnik, a professor at Touro Law Center, to get the scoop, and he was coy in his response. Though he was able to confirm the article was NOT purely fictional/satirical:

Thank you for your interest. Forgive me if I do not respond fully to your question. There are things that I cannot talk about. I will say that the piece did not arise out of my experience with the Touro Law Review, which published it. And I am most grateful to TLR for that. Knowing that in our business an in-house publication is less credible than an outside one, I first sent my piece out widely. No other law review would touch it.

I will also say that of course I did intend the piece to provide a “teachable moment.”

Oooh, I want to know all the juicy details now! Though I certainly respect Professor Subotnik’s discretion, I’d love to know who is this law professor so willing to actively string along a law review they consider beneath them. Also kudos to Jim the editor — we know how great it can feel to call out the bullsh*t.

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