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Monday, May 23, 2016

2d Annual Mid-Career Tax Professors Workshop Kicks Off Today At UC-Davis

UC Davis Logo (2016)Panel #1:  Tax Administration

Susie Morse (Texas), Regulating by Example
Commentator: Emily Cauble (DePaul)

Sarah Lawsky (Northwestern), Picturing the Code
Commentator: David Gamage (Berkeley)

Will Foster (Arkansas), Uncoupling Competence
Commentator: Dennis Ventry (UC-Davis)

Panel #2:  International

Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky), Taxes, Democracy, and Investment Treaties
Commentator: Darien Shanske (UC-Davis)

Shu-Yi Oei (Tulane), The Distributive Case Against Offshore Tax Enforcement
Commentator: Susie Morse (Texas)

Panel #3:  The Basics

Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego), The Case for a Universal Basic Income
Commentator: Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky)

Adam Rosenzweig (Washington University), A Theory of the Income Tax as a Multi-Criterial Legal Regime: Identifying the Costs of Using the Income Tax as a Social Policy Tool
Commentator: Sarah Lawsky (Northwestern)

Jake Brooks (Georgetown), The Definitions of Income
Commentator: Miranda Perry Fleischer (San Diego)

Panel #4:  Business Taxation

Sam Brunson (Loyola-Chicago), Playthings of the Wealthy: RICs, Pease, and the AMT Commentator: Jordan Barry (San Diego)

Emily Cauble (DePaul), Exploiting Inconsistencies
Commentator: Charlene Luke (Florida)

Stephanie Hoffer (The Ohio State), Reimagining the Taxation of Acquisitive Reorganizations
Commentator: Sam Brunson (Loyola-Chicago)

Jordan Barry (San Diego), Tax and the Boundaries of the Firm
Commentator: Stephanie Hoffer (The Ohio State)

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