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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The IRS Scandal, Day 1062

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There have been new developments in the IRS targeting scandal but if you watch the news on ABC, CBS or NBC, good luck hearing about it.

That's because it's been more than 500 days since the broadcast news networks covered the scandal.

According to a new study by Geoff Dickens, deputy research director at the Media Research Center, CBS and NBC last reported on the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS in October of 2014. ABC lagged way behind last covering it in May of that year, nearly 700 days ago.

"This is clearly abuse of power and they've stopped covering it," Dickens says of the networks.

Dickens points out that just last week a federal appeals court scolded the agency and ordered it to turn over a secret list of conservative groups they targeted so a class action suit could move forward. ... [T]here was no mention on the so-called "Big Three" networks.

Also unreported in recent months, Dickens notes, is the Justice Department ending its investigation without any criminal charges filed against Lois Lerner, whose emails show she called Republicans "evil and dishonest."

There was not even a news story – slanted or otherwise – when the U.S. House began procedures to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

"It's really stunning," observes Dickens, who says the IRS scandal is worse than the Watergate scandal under Richard Nixon.

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NatGeo recently devoted a complete segment to the recovery of a piece of metal from Area 51. MSM missed another one.

Posted by: Publius Novus | Apr 5, 2016 11:39:21 AM

The media are simply recognizing the fact that Caron's blog has cornered the market on coverage of this story.

Posted by: AMTbuff | Apr 5, 2016 7:54:31 AM