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Monday, April 25, 2016

Law School Rankings By Employment Outcomes:  Ohio

Following up on my previous posts on Law School Rankings By Employment Outcomes:

Derek Muller (Pepperdine) blogs legal employment outcomes among Ohio's 9 law schools:

Ohio State (86.9%, only 2 law school funded jobs (LSF)) and Cincinnati (80.7%, 0 LSF) are head and shoulders above the other Ohio law schools in "total placement" (per U.S. News).  Case Western is third (70.8%, 0).  Four law schools (Toledo, Cleveland State, Dayton, Akron) are in the 60% range and the remaining two law schools (Capital, Ohio Northern) are in the 50% range.

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"But job outcomes actually worsened significantly--there were just 594 bar passage-required jobs among these graduates, down from 699 the previous year. The percentage of graduates employed in bar passage-required and J.D-advantage job was 68.2% among these schools, worse than last year's 69.2% rate. (Law school-funded positions add a marginal number of positions.)"

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