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Monday, March 14, 2016

The IRS Scandal, Day 1040

IRS Logo 2Investor's Business Daily editorial, Would A President Hillary Use IRS To Punish Political Foes?:

Corruption:  Lois Lerner won’t be charged for the IRS’ harassment of conservatives, so the lesson is that it’s OK to use it as a political weapon. Would a President Hillary Clinton use the IRS to punish foes? Better believe it.

The Clintons are spiteful people. They have a history of crushing those who get in their way: ...

The infrastructure for IRS persecution is already in place for Clinton, as the tax agency’s targeting of conservative groups continues to this day, more than two years after the practice was exposed. ...

“If the Clintons get back into the White House, it will be retribution time, like the Corleone family consolidating power in ‘The Godfather,'” said Newsweek. “Just think of all the scores to settle, the grievances to indulge.”

Given Clinton’s record, there can be no doubt that she will use the IRS and any other federal agency to intimidate, harass and ruin her political opponents if she is elected president.

Indeed, the Clintons already know how to use the IRS for retribution. This was confirmed by former IRS official Paul Breslan.

And since the Clintons know that there will be no consequences for their actions, given that no one is going to be held accountable in the IRS scandal, there will be no holding back. The IRS will have to hire new agents just to keep up with the Clintons’ dirty work.

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Hillary already publically stated on many occasions that she would go farther than Obama with the use of imperial powers and the Clintons already have a record of using the IRS and FBI to go after their domestic enemies.

Posted by: wodun | Mar 14, 2016 9:55:21 PM

An iconic day for the IRS Scandal. And, it goes to the Clintons!

Posted by: Old Ruster from JDJunkyard | Mar 14, 2016 1:58:03 PM