Paul L. Caron

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The IRS Scandal, Day 1008

IRS Logo 2National Review, The IRS Scandal: Never Forget:

Nearly three years ago America learned the IRS had maliciously targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status – slow-walked their applications and demanded onerous and invasive details such as speech transcripts, donor lists and more.

Then, over the course of the following years, federal agents destroyed evidence and lied and obfuscated before Congress in a criminal cover-up as bad as the initial wrongdoing. However, the effects of the IRS’ actions had taken their toll, with some political observers suggesting the agency’s biased attack helped ensure Obama’s re-election by hindering his opposition.

This scandal has largely been forgotten as the excitement and drama of the 2016 presidential election unfolds. Yet we must never forgot – and indeed still demand justice – over the wrongs the IRS perpetrated on the American people.

Thankfully, there is a law professor out there keeping tabs on this mess.

Last week, Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Paul Caron reached a milestone of sorts as he marked his 1,000th consecutive day chronicling all the developments in the IRS scandal since Day One. Every single day – including weekends and holidays – Caron has posted news developments on his popular TaxProf Blog to track this scandal, and 1,000-plus days later he is still going strong.

His long list of blog entries is a sight to behold and illustrates the depth of IRS malfeasance. Here’s a thanks to Professor Caron and his persistence. Let’s hope members of Congress can apply the same aptitude to eventually hold someone accountable for IRS lawlessness.

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