Paul L. Caron

Friday, January 1, 2016

ABA:  The Top 10 Law Stories Of 2015

ABA Journal (2014)ABA Journal, 10 Most Important Legal Stories of 2015:

As the ABA Journal staff looked back over the past year, these were the 10 legal stories which seemed the most important and prominent. ABA Journal legal affairs writer Victor Li provides a summary of each below.

  1. Love wins
  2. The megafirm cometh
  3. Dewey defeats DA (sort of)
  4. Bar exam passage rates trend downward
  5. Police shootings go viral
  6. No Syrian refugees need apply
  7. Tsarnaev convicted of Boston Marathon bombing
  8. Executive power
  9. Decline of capital punishment
  10. The Cosby show

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