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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ABA Releases 2015 Standard 509 Information Reports For Every Law School

ABAThe ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar has released the 2015 Standard 509 Information Reports for every law school.  Keith Lee has mined the enrollment data and produced two great charts showing the change in enrollment over two time periods:

2011 to 2015:

  • 17 law schools increased enrollment
  • 7 schools increased enrollment by at least 10%
  • 98 ranked schools decreased enrollment by at least 10%
  • 10 schools decreased enrollment by at least 40%:


2014 to 2015:

  • 61 law schools increased enrollment
  • 28 schools increased enrollment by at least 10%
  • 37 schools decreased enrollment by at least 10%
  • 9 schools decreased enrollment by at least 20%:


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Just out of curiosity, I wonder what the group thinks a minimum 75% LSAT score should be? That is, a score below which no student should be admitted? 160% 155% 150%

Posted by: Dale Spradling | Dec 16, 2015 8:52:50 AM

The stats for some schools are amazing. For example, UNH law has a total JD enrollment of 218 and 90% get scholarships. 41 get full scholarships. My back of the envelope estimate puts JD revenue at about $4million, round it up to $5million with LLM revenue. How does the school operate on that budget? I think my child's daycare grosses more than that.

Posted by: JM | Dec 16, 2015 6:07:05 AM

No press release from the ABA. Nothing. Shame on you ABA. Thanks to all the truth tellers.

What does it say about a product that when exposed to publicity it shrinks and dies? Law school shys from sunlight like a reverse tropism. It's fool's gold.

Posted by: Jojo | Dec 15, 2015 5:32:12 PM

LOL at UC Irvine's 162/3.56 medians. Looks like prospective students aren't buying Chemerinsky's top 20 kool-aide. These medians were Brooklyn's just a few years ago. No citation counts can make up for lack of interest. What a boondoggle.

Posted by: Anon | Dec 15, 2015 3:21:48 PM