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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 929

IRS Logo 2Daily Caller, DOJ’s Lois Lerner Letter Leaves Much To Be Answered:

The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) explanation as to why top Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official Lois Lerner isn’t facing criminal charges leaves much to be desired.

After a two-year probe — which faced challenges due to Lerner’s crashed hard drive, the absence of email archives and the destruction of over 400 electronic backup tapes — the DOJ said it was unable to prove the IRS official “intentionally discriminated against an applicant based upon viewpoint” and cited line-employees’ “ignorance, inertia” and “negligence” for delays in Tea Party applications. Concerns raised by lawmakers over the course of the investigation were omitted from the department’s explanation. 

The DOJ’s letter failed to address whether investigators looked into who could have had access to Lerner’s private email account, which she sometimes used for official business — an issue members of the Ways and Means Committee asked to be investigated in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder in April 2014.

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You don't think there's a law school crisis either, Brian, but that gets coverage on this blog too.

Posted by: pmk | Nov 24, 2015 3:22:18 PM

Paul, you and Glenn Reynolds are the only people in the world who still think there's an IRS scandal! Give it a rest!

Posted by: Brian | Nov 24, 2015 12:48:25 PM