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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 916

Sign the petition to Impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for:

  • Failing to comply with a subpoena for evidence resulting in the destruction of 24,000 Lois Lerner emails.
  • Failing to testify truthfully and providing false and misleading information to the Congress.
  • Failing to notify Congress that key evidence had gone missing.

John Koskinen has done everything in his power to protect the IRS from its outrageous targeting scandal. Now, the Obama Justice Department has announced it will not press charges. So, it's time for Congress finally to stand up for the American people.

The Hill op-ed:  Impeach Koskinen, by Jenny Beth Martin (President & Co-founder, Tea Party Patriots):

House Republicans have introduced a resolution to impeach Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, about which, a simple thought — it’s about damn time. ...

Remember, it was the IRS that was used as a political weapon to target citizens who were deemed opponents of this Administration. My organization and many affiliated with it have been on the receiving end of this political weapon and I would not wish it upon any American--including my worst political adversaries. 

Not surprisingly, it was announced last month that the Obama Justice Department would not press charges against the person at the center of this scandal – former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner. So, just when will the American people receive justice? 

A start would be to impeach and convict the man who continued the cover-up and denied justice for the American people, and I truly give House Republicans credit for seeming to understand this. Will Congress step up and do something meaningful to defend the American people? Help make your voice heard by adding your voice to the national petition at

It’s about damn time.

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Can't sign... will get audited if I do.

Posted by: Josh | Nov 12, 2015 11:37:33 AM

The Flat Taxers have something in common with Flat Earthers.

Posted by: AMTbuff | Nov 12, 2015 12:08:34 AM

Why do people think a flat tax would result in elimination of the IRS?

Posted by: Publius Novus | Nov 11, 2015 5:01:45 PM

Has everybody forgotten Lois Lerner's apology of 5/13/13?
"They used names like Tea Party or Patriots and they selected cases simply because the applications had those names in the title. That was wrong, that was absolutely incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate — that’s not how we go about selecting cases for further review. We don’t select for review because they have a particular name."

Posted by: James Millican | Nov 11, 2015 3:07:56 PM

Sleepyman gets it right. Remember [email protected]?

The nail that sticks out is the one that gets beat on and this administration has a bag full of hammers.

Posted by: wodun | Nov 11, 2015 12:19:09 PM

If I sign this petition will I get audited? Eliminate the IRS for an anonymously collected tax, like the flat tax.

Posted by: sleepyman | Nov 11, 2015 9:03:20 AM