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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 912

IRS Logo 2Boston Herald editorial, Impeach the IRS Chief:

The House Judiciary Committee and the House itself should approve impeachment charges filed against the head of the Internal Revenue Service, John Koskinen on charges of allegedly giving false testimony in the investigation of IRS harassment of conservative political groups. The Justice Department’s whitewashing of Koskinen and the IRS is outrageous

The department said it found “mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia” but no evidence of crime when Lois Lerner was in charge of the section that granted tax-exempt status. (She retired after invoking her privilege against self-incrimination.)

Harassment (through delay and offensive questioning) of conservative applicants before the 2012 elections has been fully documented. Ditto the waving through of applications from liberals, and the “Be On the Lookout” instruction to target groups using certain phrases like “Tea Party,” and the destruction of email backup tapes after they were subpoenaed, and a failure to look for relevant emails — which an inspector general soon found. Koskinen was not in charge while Lerner was active, but was during the investigation by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, whose chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), filed charges on behalf of himself and committee Republicans.

The Justice Department has been inexcusably partisan and, therefore, not trustworthy by the American people.

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More examples of the IRS bending the law past the breaking point to support a political agenda:

Posted by: AMT buff | Nov 7, 2015 9:23:26 PM

"John Koskinen on charges of allegedly giving false testimony"

Allegedly isn't the right word to use here. He did lie to congress, several times.

Also, why do the people who write about this always fail to note it wasn't just Tea Party groups that were attacked? The anti-semitism angle is rather juicy considering Obama's policies toward Israel.

Posted by: wodun | Nov 7, 2015 12:55:17 PM

Failure to supervise the employees is an appropriate reason to remove the head of an agency

Posted by: RRP | Nov 7, 2015 11:51:33 AM