Paul L. Caron

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fordham Hosts Symposium Today On We Are What We Tax

Fordham Law ReviewFordham hosts a two-day symposium on We Are What We Tax.  Here are today's speakers:

  • John Dzienkowski (Texas) & Robert Peroni (Texas), The Decline in Tax Adviser Professionalism in American Society
  • Ajay Mehrotra (Northwestern) & Julia Ott (The New School), A Brief History of the Capital Gains Tax Preference
  • Lisa Philipps (Osgoode Hall), Tax Policy as Performance: Personal Savings and the Constitution of Middle Class Identity
  • Martha McCluskey (SUNY-Buffalo), Framing Middle Class Insecurity: Tax and the Ideology of Unequal Economic Growth
  • Goldburn Maynard, Jr. (Louisville), Perpetuating Inequality of Taxing Wealth
  • Timothy Kuhner (Georgia State), Plutocracy and Partyocracy: The Corruption of Liberal and Social Democracies
  • Tsilly Dagan (Bar-Ilan), The Currency of Taxation
  • Bruce Carruthers (Northwestern), The Semantics of Sin Tax: Politics, Morality, and Fiscal Imposition

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