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Friday, October 9, 2015

University Of Washington Hosts 2015 Tax Symposium

UW 3The University of Washington hosts the  2015 Tax Law Program Symposium today:

Panel #1

Panel #2:

  • Diane Dick (Seattle), U.S. Tax Imperialism in Puerto Rico
  • Omri Marian (UC-Irvine), Manufactured Arbitrage: An Exploratory Analysis of State Administration of International Tax Avoidance
  • Moderator:  Shannon McCormack (Washington)

Panel #3:

  • Pippa Browde (Montana), Tax Court Jurisdiction in CDP Cases
  • Kathleen Thomas (North Carolina), User-Friendly Taxpaying
  • Moderator:  Michael Hatfield (Washington)


  • Michael Bernard (U.S. Tax Counsel, Microsoft)
  • Bryon Christensen (Director, Tax Counsel, Amazon)
  • Moderator:  Scott Schumacher (Washington)

Panel #4:

Individual Presentations:

  • David Hasen (Colorado), Taxation and Innovation
  • Lily Kahng (Seattle), Who Owns Human Capital?
  • Michelle Kwon (Tennessee), Easing Regulatory Bottlenecks
  • Larry Zelenak (Duke), Taxing Our (Biological) Selves and Marvin and Zeno
  • Roberta Mann (Oregon), Tax Fuel or Miles?

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