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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SUNY-Buffalo Law School Bars Fired Professor From Campus

SUNY 2Following up on my previous posts:

Buffalo New, Former UB Law Professor Barred From Campus After Emails ‘Cross Line’:

Jeffrey Malkan regularly emailed former colleagues at the University at Buffalo Law School for years to keep them abreast of his federal lawsuit alleging that the former dean of the school wrongfully fired him and lied under oath about it.

Malkan, 61, hasn’t had a job since he left the Law School in 2009, and he blames his inability to land a new post in academia on the dean who fired him, Makau W. Mutua.

Malkan said Mutua wrecked his ability to get a job by repeatedly defaming him, in court documents, as a potential mass murderer.

So when a shooter went on a rampage Oct. 1 at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., Malkan said he felt the stigma of Mutua’s words again. He sent off an email to about two dozen former colleagues, mentioning the shooting that killed 10 and injured seven.

“Every time this senseless and insane violence recurs, which is all too often,” he wrote, “I despair that I will ever recover my reputation and dignity.”

University officials say that email, along with two others referencing mass shootings, crossed a line. Citing the university’s “Workplace Violence Prevention” policy, they took the unusual steps of declaring Malkan “persona non grata” and banning him from stepping foot on campus.

“It’s just absurd,” said Malkan, who taught at UB for eight years and now lives in Suffolk County, about 450 miles from Buffalo. “I don’t think a single person feels the slightest bit threatened by me.”

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