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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 860

IRS Logo 2The Spectrum op-ed:  With Koskinen at Helm, IRS Cannot be Trusted, by Jason Chaffetz (Chair, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform):

Having lied to Congress, destroyed documents under subpoena, and targeted people based on their political beliefs, the IRS and its commissioner John Koskinen want a bigger budget. ...

The commissioner’s lack of regard for his legal obligations is unquestionably a serious matter. In fact, earlier this summer, 52 members of Congress sent a letter to the President urging him to immediately fire the commissioner. ...

Koskinen came before Congress and made promises. He assured us he would comply with a congressional subpoena seeking Lois Lerner’s emails. Not only did he fail to keep that promise, we later learned he did not look in earnest for the information.

After Koskinen complained of the extensive cost and effort being undertaken to locate the documents, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) learned from employees at a West Virginia data center that no one had ever even asked for backup tapes of Lois Lerner’s emails

In addition to lying to Congress, Koskinen allowed documents under subpoena and subject to an internal preservation notice to be destroyed. On March 4, 2014 (coincidentally, the same day President Obama told the country there was not a “smidgeon of corruption” at IRS), backup tapes containing up to 24,000 Lois Lerner emails were destroyed.

But even more serious than the commissioner’s misdeeds is the fact that the American people can no longer trust the IRS. ...

As long as Koskinen is at the helm, with his track record of lies, obfuscation and deceit, we cannot be confident in the IRS.

More money will not make the IRS less political. It will not make the agency more trustworthy. It will only empower an agency that has already gotten far off track. Until they have a leadership change, they will simply have to learn to prioritize their resources. Instead of spending money on bonus checks, union activities and parody videos, perhaps they could focus their energy on earning back the trust of the American people by focusing on fraud prevention and improving customer service.

Meanwhile, I will continue to demand documents, solicit testimony and keep digging until we get to the truth and fix this broken agency.

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A leadership change won't matter. Obama will just appoint another corrupt Democrat to continue on with his program. There are endless corrupt Democrats lining up to do their party's dirty work.

Posted by: wodun | Sep 16, 2015 8:59:16 AM