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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 856

Russ Fox (Taxable Talk), Sergeant Schultz to the Rescue!:

Back in the 1960s there was a television show called Hogan’s Heroes. The comedy was set in a prisoner-of-war camp in Germany during World War II. One of the characters on the show was Sergeant Schultz. Here’s an excerpt via YouTube:

Schultz’s famous line was, “I know nothing, I see nothing,….” That’s what it feels like when we deal with answers from the IRS and the Obama Administration. ...

[S]ooner or later the truth will come out. There’s a pattern in this administration, and it’s one of secrecy, denials, and cover-up. Maybe it’s all innocent, but to me it’s failing the smell test. I try hard to avoid pushing one political view over another in this blog, but there is one thing that is clear to all but the most partisan Obama Administration supporters: The administration that promised to be the most transparent in history is likely the most opaque in history. Even Sergeant Schultz could have done better.

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Media members don't relish ending up like Sharyl Attkisson, so they don't investigate friendlies.

Posted by: AMT buff | Sep 12, 2015 11:37:42 PM

The open corruption of the Obama administration is gut wrenching, just sickening. Where are our watchdog media. I mean the big boys at ABC, NBC, CBS, The NY Times and Washington Post? What has happened?

Posted by: VoteOutIncumbents | Sep 12, 2015 2:21:56 PM

" There’s a pattern in this administration, and it’s one of secrecy, denials, and cover-up."

The same pattern existed in the Clinton administration but even though Bill was impeached no one held them accountable.

Posted by: Roux | Sep 12, 2015 11:38:19 AM