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Monday, September 14, 2015

Call for Tax Papers And Panels: Law & Society Annual Meeting

LSA 2Neil H. Buchanan (George Washington) has issued his annual call for tax papers and panels for next year's annual meeting of the Law & Society Association in New Orleans (June 2-5, 2016):

For the Twelfth consecutive year, I will organize sessions for the the Law, Society, and Taxation group (Collaborative Research Network 31).

Although there is an official call for papers, please remember that you are not bound by the official theme of the conference.  I will give full consideration to proposals in any area of tax law, tax policy, distributive justice, interdisciplinary approaches to tax issues, and so on.

To submit a proposal, start at the Accessing the Submission System - login instructions page. After you've logged in, click the green "Create Submission" button, under "Submissions," on the lower right of the screen. On the next page, below the box for your "Title," your "Submission type" should be "Paper Submission," and the CRN number is 31. After that, you will complete the submission by clicking on the blue buttons for "2. Participant(s)," "3. Proposal," "4. Keywords," "5. Preview," and "6. Finalize," and entering the relevant information. ** Note that Law & Society created a New Requirement This Year: You must include a 6000-character description of your topic in "3. Proposal," which replaces the previous requirement of submitting a short abstract. Law & Society's explanation of this new policy is here.

After the deadline for proposals has passed, I will organize the papers into full sessions. For your proposal to be included among the tax panels that I will create, you need to do one extra thing: When you have finished your submission, you will receive an email with the subject line: "LSA 2016 - Paper Submission has been received" (or something similar). Please forward that email to me, so that I'll know you've submitted a proposal for our panels.

Your paper need not yet be written, and the only requirement (other than submitting that 6000-character proposal through the submission system) is that you have at least something (an outline, a first draft, etc.) that you can send to your session chair by about 30 days before the meetings (which means early May).

Note also that each participant is limited to one participation as a Paper Presenter OR a Roundtable Participant. You will, however, be able to act as a chair/discussant in as many sessions as you like. A few weeks after the papers have been submitted, I will assign chair/discussants, so please let me know in a separate email if you want to serve in that combined role.

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