Paul L. Caron

Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome, Pepperdine Law School Class Of 2018

Launch Week 4

Welcome to the Pepperdine Law School Class of 2018, which begins their legal education today in a week-long introduction to law school and professional formation.  Law students today face a very difficult challenge, with tuition at record highs and the legal profession in turmoil.  Yet you are part of a class that is very strong academically and the most diverse in our history — kudos to Dean Shannon Phillips and her team for putting together such a gifted class in such tough circumstances.  Although this is only my third year at Pepperdine, I have experienced first hand what a very special place this is.  As you have already seen, you will be spending the next three years in a spectacularly beautiful campus and city.  You will begin to experience this week the faculty and staff's faith-fueled commitment to you and to your success that manifests itself in various ways, large and small, in daily life here.  You will hear a lot of advice and goal-setting this week in the wonderful program put together by Dean Danny DeWalt and his team.  My wish is that you will love your time at Peppperdine and that you will leave here in three years with a deep sense of your professional and personal calling in law and in life. I look forward to seeing many of you in my tax classes in your second and third year (and at the softball game on Friday and the dean's bible study on Wednesday nights).

Update:  My friend and colleague Al Sturgeon has further thoughts here.

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