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Sunday, August 16, 2015

UConn Law School Enrolls 100 1Ls, Down 38% From 2014's 160 1Ls

UConn Law Logo (2015)Connecticut Law Tribune, Law Schools Look Ahead to New Year:

Summer's days are numbered, and new and returning law students are gearing up for their fall semesters at area law schools.

Law schools at the University of Connecticut, Yale University, Quinnipiac University and Western New England College are still recovering from the steep decline in prospective law students, as is the rest of the country, but that has not stopped the schools from providing new programs and course offerings. ...

One of the primary issues law schools are facing is declining enrollment, a trend that has been well documented over the past several years.

At UConn, that change took time to be noticeably felt and the incoming class this year is exactly 100 students, down from 160 students in 2014 [and 181 students in 2011], according to Jeanne LeBlanc, a UConn law school spokeswoman.

"We've been ready for a decline, given the drop in law school applications nationwide, but it took a few more years than we expected to really hit us," said LeBlanc. Despite that, the number of UConns' masters of law students increased to 35 students this year from 27 last year.

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Dear Northeastern is on a similarly waning trajectory: down from 220 1L's entering in the fall of 2010 to just 126 this past fall. It would seem that the market for mid-pack law schools with staggering price tags (though it should be noted that UCONN instate is $100k less than Northeastern) is shrinking. Interestingly, UCONN's LSAT and GPA 25th/median/75th percentile splits have fallen below Northeastern's (see LST), and yet remains about 25 spaces higher in USNWR.

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Aug 16, 2015 1:35:47 PM