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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 826

IRS Logo 2 Investor's Business Daily op-ed, Jailtime For IRS' Political Hacks:

Corruption: After a year's stalling by the IRS, the Senate Finance Committee has released its bipartisan report, denouncing the tax-collection agency's partisanship and incompetence. When are these people going to jail?

The Senate report wasn't entirely satisfactory, given that its criticism was primarily in the compromise language of "gross mismanagement" to describe the agency's targeting of Tea Party dissident groups.

Using legal technicalities to silence and repress political dissent under the color of the nation's most feared enforcement agency isn't mismanagement. It's a crime.

It's incompatible with democracy and it shatters public confidence in the rule of law. It's the very crime the State Department is now condemning in Venezuela: the use of legal technicalities to halt popular opposition candidates from running for office. Until now, this kind of activity has had no precedent in our country, and it must be stopped before it becomes the standard.

This is far from mere incompetence or gross mismanagement. It was a highly competent operation to silence dissent. Yet no one has been sanctioned or punished, despite there being laws on the books dating back to the beginning of a professional civil service, that forbid and punish partisan motives in what should be impartial law. Already some observers believe the IRS swung the last election for the Democrats with these activities.

Not only did the IRS target Tea Party groups with unconscionable delays and intrusive questions, it went for their families, too. Young Bristol Palin learned yesterday that just being the daughter of former Alaska Gov. and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin put her in the IRS' sights. Sarah Palin's father was targeted, too.

The agency also obstructed justice, first falsely claiming that its illegal targeting was only the work of rogue agents in its Cincinnati office. Then, as that lie fell apart, IRS moved to destroy evidence in the thousands of missing emails on IRS tax exempt organizations chief Lois Lerner's computer. Conveniently for them, it was declared lost forever in a hard drive crash — until it wasn't.

Now it's relying on its allies in the Senate and among anti-Tea Party Democrats in the House for cover, having them declare it incompetence, not a crime.

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This is very one-sided. All groups scrutinized were not conservative groups. Groups who appear to be political in nature should be scrutinized before granting exempt status under 501(c)(4).

Posted by: gator | Aug 14, 2015 6:22:06 AM

"Now it's relying on its allies in the Senate and among anti-Tea Party Democrats in the House for cover," and getting that cover.

The committee should have issued separate majority and minority reports. Consensus wasn't worth the lie.

Posted by: a6z | Aug 13, 2015 11:50:45 AM

The Obama/Holder/Lynch DOJ is a disgrace. Not since John Mitchell and his DOJ have we have such open corruption of federal justice. Difference is that then the media investigated, compiled evidence, and took down Mitchell and later Nixon. There's not a chance of that happening now because the MSM, especially the NY Times and major broadcast networks are part of Team Obama. The corruption in DC is the worst this country has ever seen.

Posted by: VoteOutIncumbents | Aug 13, 2015 10:07:53 AM

It IS incompetence. They can't even do a cover-up

Posted by: Stanlef | Aug 13, 2015 9:12:18 AM