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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 829

IRS Logo 2Renew America, True the Vote Still Pursuing IRS, Lois Lerner and Election Integrity:

Sometimes turn around IS fair play.

Especially when a fair count of legitimate votes is at issue.

IRS targets True the Vote and its founder-president Catherine Engelbrecht are still pursuing the Internal Revenue Service, Lois Lerner, now retired in disgrace, and election integrity.

True the Vote's latest weekly email declared:

Just When You Thought the IRS Targeting Scheme Couldn't Get More Twisted...

You would think that TTV would eventually become jaded after years of bombshells in the wake of Lois Lerner's infamous May 2013 admission to targeting organizations presumed to be conservative. In recent days, however, we have come to understand new wrinkles in the case that offer a whole new dimension of insight. The Wall Street Journalrecently reported that Lerner was working directly with the chief officer of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board – the public entity charged with enforcing election and campaign finance laws – during the targeting period. According to the report, "Emails we've seen show that between 2011 and 2013 the two were in contact on multiple occasions, sharing articles on topics including greater donor disclosure and Wisconsin's recall elections ... This timing is significant because those were the years when the IRS increased its harassment of conservative groups and Wisconsin prosecutors gathered information that would lead to the John Doe probe that officially opened in September 2012." This revelation helps make sense of the fact that multiple IRS targets were questioned about what they knew of TTV's involvement in the 2012 Verify the Recall effort in Wisconsin. The hits just keep on coming."

The Wisconsin Supreme Court just terminated the John Doe probe as baseless in law and reason.

The obviously political IRS targeting of conservative organizations and Engelbrecht personally may have been motivated by the desire to have President Obama reelected, but don't expect the Obama Justice Department to pursue that.

Fortunately, True the Vote remains on the case.

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Re gator:

O look, a flashy thing.
Are you sure? Isn't that Cecil the Lion's job and Pistorius's job and Ferguson's job? I've seen little else on CNN most of the summer. Anything except the naked political thuggery and weaponizing of every level of government against the citizenry who dare ask a question about the flagrant corruption of the Obama administration and its toadies in the so-called "news" media. The Chicago Way, gone national.

Posted by: Badgered | Aug 17, 2015 3:35:20 PM

Instead of continuing this useless witch hunt with the IRS, the more relevant question is whether these groups (conservative and non-conservative) should receive exempt status.

Posted by: gator | Aug 17, 2015 5:52:18 AM

It seems like Democrats act the most abusive toward people fighting corruption; I wonder why that is...

Posted by: wodun | Aug 16, 2015 8:18:23 AM