Paul L. Caron

Monday, July 27, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 809

IRS Logo 2Rasmussen Reports, Voters Aren’t Buying Obama’s Story About IRS Scandal:

President Obama told comedian Jon Stewart earlier this week that the Internal Revenue Service didn’t target Tea Party and other conservative groups on his watch and that a lack of funding by Congress was to blame for any problems at the tax-collecting agency. But voters still think something criminal was going on and are even more suspicious of what the president knew about it.

Fifty-two percent (52%) of Likely U.S. Voters continue to believe the IRS broke the law when it targeted the groups, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 24% say the IRS didn’t break the law when it went after Tea Party and other conservative groups, while just as many (24%) are not sure.

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The follow up question should have been did they deserve what happened to them and the 24% who said nothing happened would have answered yes. Democrats have been cheering this on because they are inculcated to view non-Democrats as non-humans with no rights.

Posted by: wodun | Jul 27, 2015 8:49:18 AM

The reason 24% are "not sure" is because the MSM "news" shows continue to mostly boycott this huge scandal. Surprised Jon Stewart would even go there, likely Obama was too. The MSM fully in abused spousal mode continue to protect their messiah while he continues to push them around. It must be love.

Posted by: VoteOutIncumbents | Jul 27, 2015 8:19:01 AM