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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 766

IRS Logo 2IRS, Response to Notice (No. 1:13-cv-1559-EGS, June 12, 2015):

In accordance with the Court's June 4, 2015, Order, the Internal Revenue Service ("Service") responds to Judicial Watch, Inc.'s Notice dated June 2, 2015:

15. On April 23, 2015, TIGTA provided approximately 6,400 forensically-recovered emails to the Service. 1 Certain of the emails forensically recovered by TIGTA were not readable, or not entirely readable, as initially provided to the Service. TIGTA subsequently provided some of these documents to the Service in readable form on May 8 and June 1, 2015. To date, TIGTA has not provided any other recovered emails to the Service.

16. Prior to providing the Service with the approximately 6,400 forensically-recovered emails, TIGTA identified and removed emails which appear to be duplicates of those which the Service has already produced to the Congressional Committees or were duplicates of other recovered emails. Such emails are also duplicates of those the Service has already retrieved in connection with responding to the FOIA requests at issue in this case. The Service is in the process of conducting further manual deduplication of the 6,400 forensically-recovered emails to supplement the automated deduplication conducted by TIGTA. TIGTA also is further reviewing the 6,400 emails to verify that they were not already produced to the Congressional Committees by the Service.

17. The Service expects to begin processing and reviewing the recovered emails immediately following its review and production of Lerner communications which were not forensically recovered. At this time, the Service is unable to estimate when it will finish processing and reviewing the forensically-recovered emails.

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Mr. wodun, with respect to your first comment, if there are "inconsistencies in the reproductions," then they are not duplicates. As for your second comment, all FOIA cases allow--indeed require--the agency producing the documents to decide what the courts get to see. In fact, in most FOIA cases, the courts don't see the documents at all. Last, the IRS isn't deciding which documents are produced to congress. TIGTA is the document custodian and is deciding which ones go to congress. Please try to focus.

Posted by: Publius Novus | Jun 14, 2015 3:17:19 PM

Really, everything needs turned over not just what the Obama administration allows. What other venue allows the perpetrator to sift through evidence and decide what the courts get to see?

Posted by: wodun | Jun 14, 2015 9:29:34 AM

They really need to include the duplicate emails so investigators can check for inconsistencies in the reproductions.

Posted by: wodun | Jun 14, 2015 9:24:47 AM