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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Muller: The Top 22 Law Reviews On Twitter

Twitter (2014)Derek Muller (Pepperdine), The Twenty-two Law Reviews You Should Follow on Twitter:

While you could follow a pretty sizeable list of law reviews I've maintained on Twitter, there are a handful of law reviews that rise above the rest.

Last year, I listed the sixteen law reviews to follow on Twitter. I've modified the criteria slightly and updated it. ...

I looked at the flagship law reviews at the 105 law schools with a U.S. News & World Report peer score of 2.2 or higher.  If I found their Twitter accounts, I included them. I then examined how many tweets they had, how many followers they had, and when their last tweet (not a retweet) took place. I then created a benchmark, a slightly stricter standard than last year (as another year has passed!): the law reviews "worth following" are those with at least 150 tweets, at least 150 followers, and at least one tweet (not a retweet or direct reply) in the last 30 days. I thought that would be a pretty minimal standard for level of engagement and recency of engagement. This 150/150/30 standard reduces the list to 22 accounts worth following.

For links to the Twitter accounts of the Top 105 law reviews, including Derek's Top 22, see here.

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