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Friday, June 5, 2015

10th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Concludes Today At Texas

Texas LogoPanel #5:  Administration

Andrew Blair-Stanek (Maryland), Tailoring Tax
Commentators:  Philip Hackney (LSU), Fadi Shaheen (Rutgers-Newark)

Philip Hackney (LSU), Tied Up in (K)Nots
Commentators:  Kim Brooks (Schulich), Christine Allie (Widener)

Jake Brooks (Georgetown), Quasi-Public Spending 
Commentators:  Leigh Osofsky (Miami), Micah Burch (Sydney)

Leigh Osofsky (Miami), Strategic Simplicity and the Tax Law 
Commentators:  Andrew Blair-Stanek (Maryland), Itai Grinberg (Georgetown)

Panel #6:  Tax Expenditures

Kathleen Thomas (North Carolina), Rethinking Delivery of the EITC 
Commentators:  Orly Mazur (SMU), Michael Simkovic (Seton Hall)

Orly Mazur (SMU), Social Impact Bonds 
Commentators:  Andrew Hayashi (Virginia), Adam Thimmesch (Nebraska)

Andrew Hayashi (Virginia), EITC Takeup Effects of the 2008 Stimulus 
Commentators:  Kathleen Thomas (North Carolina), David Kamin (NYU)

Panel #7:  Interpretation and Doctrin

Allen Madison (South Dakota), Tax Law Construction 
Commentators:  Andy Grewal (Iowa), Susie Morse (Texas)

Andy Grewal (Iowa), Does the Lenity Rule Handcuff the Treasury? 
Commentators:  Randle Pollard (Indiana), Emily Satterthwaite (Toronto)

Randle Pollard (Indiana), The Future of Apportionment – Gillette 
Commentators:  Allen Madison (South Dakota), Tessa Davis (South Carolina)

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