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Friday, May 22, 2015

Yelp Law School Rankings

YelpChicagoInno,  Yelp Launches First TV and Digital Ads, Pointing Out You Can Rate Law Schools:

Would you ever use Yelp to choose a law school?

Whether you would or not, Yelp wants you to know you can.

The San Francisco, Calif.-based reviews company has long been known for its star ratings and customer review features. Mostly it has been used as a tool to find quick info about a local business-- hours, location, BYOB-- and largely restaurant and bar focused. Now Yelp is launching its first round of TV and digital ads, which specifically point out the site can help you choose a university (as well as where to get the best margarita to celebrate your degree).

An ad currently playing on Pandora lays out this new push:

"Let's say you're hungry for justice, want to study to become a lawyer and don't mind paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans," said a man in the ad. "We know just the place."

A search for "law schools" near "Chicago, IL" showed that all the major law schools in the area have Yelp pages and a handful of reviews. University of Chicago's Law School has a perfect 5 star rating (from three reviews) while John Marshall College of Law averages three stars (with a total of eight reviews).

A search for "law schools" near "Los Angeles, CA"  yields these result:

5Pepperdine (2 reviews), UCLA (6 reviews)


4.5UC-Irvine (3 reviews), USC (5 reviews)


4Loyola-L.A. (11 reviews)


3.5Western State (15 reviews), Whittier (15 reviews)


3Southwestern (22 reviews)


As ChicagoInno notes:

Take reviewers' responses with a grain of salt-- just as with a restaurant review, the students' experience had to be so specific that they were motivated enough to take the time to review it online (in the case of law school, whether a student became employed or graduated with massive student loans seems to be a motivating factor). But for students looking for a stray opinion or idea of the student experience, any extra advice can be helpful.

(Hat Tip: Above the Law.)

Update:  ABA Journal, Looking for Law Schools? Yelp Says It Can Help

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I visited Texas Law School daily from August 1977 to May 1980, so I had plenty of opportunities to try everything on their menu. My servers ranged from annoying to brilliant, but most were at least competent. The meat and potatoes were pretty good back then, but I can't vouch for the current offerings. Lately, though, I've been hearing rumors that they're letting people without reservations line-jump other customers, which really makes me mad. I can only give it four stars based on that.

Posted by: Beldar | May 22, 2015 1:48:11 PM