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Friday, May 8, 2015

The IRS Scandal, Day 729

IRS Logo 2Orange County Register editorial, Emails Keep IRS Scandal Probe Afloat:

John Koskinen has some ’splaining to do. Last June, Mr. Koskinen, the IRS commissioner, told Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden and ranking member Orrin Hatch that a computer malfunction somehow zapped thousands of emails to and from Lois Lerner, the scandalized IRS official whose office targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny when applying for tax-exempt status.

Last week, those potentially incriminating emails were recovered – not because Mr. Koskinen was determined to get to the bottom of the IRS targeting scandal, but because of the diligence of J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Mr. George is in the process of turning over some 6,400 emails to the Senate Finance Committee, which last year tasked the inspector general’s office with figuring out what emails had been lost, if someone at IRS intentionally destroyed them and if the emails could possibly be retrieved.

That seemed to us at the time a project Mr. Koskinen’s staff could have undertaken. Instead, it appeared that Mr. Koskinen – and, perhaps, Obama administration officials further up the food chain – were hoping the scandal would just fade away.

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Almost to the year of three.

Posted by: max | May 8, 2015 8:08:10 AM

I doubt that even if there were a smoking guy email between Lerner and someone on the White House staff showing conspiracy to take down the Tea Party that the MSM would cover it. Look at how the Clintons with all of their corruption hanging out there for the world to see are escaping coverage by Big Media. There is simply a different media standard for Democrats.

Posted by: VoteOutIncumbents | May 8, 2015 8:06:43 AM