Paul L. Caron

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Robson: Enhancing Reciprocal Synergies Between Teaching and Scholarship

Ruthann Robson (CUNY), Enhancing Reciprocal Synergies between Teaching and Scholarship, 64 J. Legal Educ. 480 (2015):

This essay confronts the canard that one can be a good law teacher or a good legal scholar, but not both. It contends that many legal academics are good teachers and scholars, even as increasing demands can make institutional and individual balancing acts difficult. This essay first considers the empirical studies about the relationship between teaching and scholarship in legal academia. It then turns toward the experiential, with the simple overarching suggestion that individual legal academics can enhance the synergies between our scholarly and pedagogical endeavors by paying attention to them. The essay highlights four categories — the doctrinal, the theoretical, the methodological, and the professional — and discusses ways to strengthen their mutually reinforcing aspects. The essay ends by offering three techniques to assist legal scholars and teachers in paying attention regardless of the category and thus enhance the reciprocal synergies between scholarship and teaching.

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